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Man To Give Police 24 hours’ Notice Before Having s*x… SEE Why

A YORK man has been banned from having any form of s*xual activity with a woman – unless he tells police 24 hours in advance. He is also subject to controls on his use of the internet and must tell the police about every phone and device that he has that he could use for accessing the internet or calling or texting people. The restrictions are part of an interim s*xual risk order and will continue until May 19, when York magistrates will decide whether to make a full order and if so, for how long.

Under the interim order, if the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, plans to start a s*xual relationship of any kind with a woman or to have one-off s*xual activity with any woman, he has to contact North Yorkshire Police (or if he moves to a different county, the local force) and tell them who the woman is. He must do this at least 24 hours before any s*xual act occurs.

Full s*xual risk orders last for a minimum of two years and breaching an order can lead to a prison sentence of up to five years. They are used when someone has not been convicted of a s*xual offence, but the police convince a court it is necessary for one to be made against the person to protect the public from him or her. North Yorkshire Police successfully applied for the interim order against the man, and will apply for the full order on May 19. s*xual risk orders are a civil order and can be made when the person concerned has not been convicted of a s*xual offence.

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