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  1. Ajibulu Damilola

    It is wicked and heartless to treat children like animals. The children were treated like wild animals, even animals get better treatment in their own way. Since the parent and guardians of the children who are suppose to be the stakeholders acted irresponsibly, all right to the children has been forfeited. According to the Nigerian child’s right act 2003, Part 2, Section 11; Every child is entitled to respect for the dignity of his person, and accordingly, no child shall be
    a) subjected to physical, mental or emotional injury, abuse, neglect or maltreatment, including sexual abuse; or
    b) subjected to torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; or
    c) subjected to attacks upon his honor or reputation; or
    d) held in slavery or servitude, while in the care of a parent, legal guardian or school authority or any other person or authority having the care of the child.
    The Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network organization has been the stakeholder for the children. Their timely intervention is what saved the children and preserving the rights of the children and avoiding more harm to befall them.

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